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Volume XI No. 2, October 2016

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About the Journal

Since its inception in 2005, Journal of Commerce and Trade (JCT) accepts a cognizance about the needs of researchers and academics. Hence, it efforts to provide bonding in a not-for-profit publication way. JCT is among the nation's most respected scholarly journals. JCT (ISSN: Print -09734503, Online- 24541702) is an International Double-Blind-Reviewed (Peer Reviewed/ Refereed) and Indexed Bi-Annual journal published on behalf of Society for Advanced Management Studies in association with Global Foundation for Research and Academic Development. It tries to promote an understanding of many complex phenomena through publication of new, bonafide, genuine and contemporary Research Papers, Articles, Case studies and Discussions in the field of Commerce, Economics, Law, Management and Trade...

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Society for Advanced Management Studies

The Society for Advanced Management Studies (SAMS) is a non-politico and not-for-profit forum of likeminded development oriented people. It is raised in December, 2004 to discuss and educate about various issues related to economy. SAMS seeks to stimulate public thinking, researches and views of the experts on vital problems through publication and distribution of Journal of Commerce and Trade, organization of seminar, discussions & lectures on latest topics of popular choice, publication of books on burning commerce and related issues, motivation to the uneducated for education and backwards to upgrade, establishing a harmony in the society and contacting other organisations to broadcast Indian economy. The society is constituted by a Board of Members. All the members are high academicians, scholars and intellectuals. The founder of Society is Dr. Himanshu Agarwal, who is honorary secretary of society. The registered office of the society is at 25, Murari Puram, Garh Road, Meerut. The society is registered one with the Registrar of the Societies, Uttar Pradesh (Meerut) bearing the Registration No. 998(2004-05).

Global Foundation for Reasearch and Academy Development

Global Foundation for Research and Academic Development (GFRAD) has been planned and designed in 2010 through aspiration of true researchers and academicians. Believing in eternal philosophy of ‘Tamso Maa Jyotirgamaye’, the foundation seeks to conduct quality workshops and conferences at All India level to disseminate research methods and techniques to aspirants. The major objective of the GFRAD is to bring a paradigm shift through the development of training programme and materials for training of researchers and supervisors for research philosophy and methodologies to conduct more effective research using contemporized tools to achieve resurgence. The founder of Foundation is Prof. Ramesh Mangal.

Dr. Himanshu Agarwal
Associate Professor
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, D.N. (PG) College, Meerut - 250002, UP, India.
UGC No: 48687
Delhi UPENG 2006/ 17831

(Print): 0973-4503
(Online) 2454-1702

Impact Factor:
2015: 4.310, 2016:4.310, A:4.310
General Impact Factor
2015: 4.310, 2016:4.310, A:4.310
International Society for Indexing
2015: 4.310, 2016:4.310, A:4.310

+0.954 (2015)
+1.0 (2016)

Index Copernicus ICV: 66.46


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