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Journal of Commerce and Trade (JCT) is a general interest Commerce, Management and Trade journal. Established in October, 2005, the JCT is among the nation's most respected scholarly journals. It is an International Double Blind Reviewed (Refereed), Indexed and Bi-Annual Publication of the Society for Advanced Management Studies. It is both Print and Online Journal. It is published in the months of April and October every year. It is an International Journal intended for Professors, Scholars, Teachers, Academicians, Professionals and Students. The Journal welcomes new, bonafide and genuine researches in the field of Commerce, Economics, Law, Management and Trade. Research Papers, Articles, Case studies, Discussions, Book Reviews and Biographies of the Legends in above fields are given place in the JCT. It, also, throws the light on the contemporary issues of global interests in commerce and management. The JCT publishes Any Material only after the approval of the Editorial Board and Review Board under strict accordance of the publication policies.

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