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About Us


To become an approachable, exclusive and prestigious platform offering the authors academic support including a multilayered review process to help them prepare, and publish their research papers in JCT and thereby establish a truly international standard journal publishing organization through an insightful partnership with researchers and research organization in the ICT driven world.


Journal of Commerce and Trade (JCT) publishes the highest quality research works and delivers this research to the widest possible audience. We achieve this by a positive working attitude with the help of society, authors, individual and institutional subscribers and readers in order to provide them with hi-quality publishing platform that supports their research needs.

Society for Advanced Management Studies

The Society for Advanced Management Studies (SAMS) is a non-politico and not-for-profit forum of likeminded development oriented people. It is framed in December, 2004 to discuss and educate about various issues related to economy. SAMS seeks to stimulate public thinking, researches and views of the experts on vital problems through publication and distribution of Journal of Commerce and Trade, organization of seminar, discussions & lectures on latest topics of popular choice, publication of books on burning commerce issues, motivation to the uneducated for education and backwards to upgrade, establishing a harmony in the society and contacting other organisations to broadcast Indian economy. The society is constituted by a Board of Members. All the members are high academicians, scholars and intellectuals. The registered office of the society is situated at 25, Murari Puram, Opp. Garh Bus Stand, Meerut. The society is registered one with the Registrar of the Societies, Uttar Pradesh (Meerut) bearing the Registration No. 998(2004-05).

Member of the Academic Community

Since its inception in 2005, Journal of Commerce and Trade (JCT) bears a deep understanding of the needs of researchers and academics and providing bonding in a way that no profit-driven publisher can. JCT is a general interest Commerce, Management and Trade journal. It is among the nation's most respected scholarly journals. It is an International Double Blind Reviewed (Refereed), Indexed and is both Print and Online Journal. It is published in the months of April and October every year. It is intended for Professors, Scholars, Teachers, Academicians, Professionals and Students. The Journal welcomes new, bonafide and genuine researches in the field of Commerce, Economics, Law, Management and Trade. Research Papers, Articles, Case studies, Discussions, Book Reviews and Biographies of the Legends in above fields are given place in the JCT. It, also, throws light on the contemporary issues of global interests in commerce and management. The JCT publishes any manuscript only after the approval of the Editorial Board and Review Board under strict accordance of the publication policies.


JCT works in deep collaboration towards clear objectives and individual needs. We provide expert advice to ensure each Author’s continued and optimal development. This takes many forms, including:

Publication Ethics
Help in Writing Scholarly Research Paper
Terms and Conditions
Primary Exploration
Double-Blind Review
Manuscript Scanning through Anti-Plagiarism Software
Resubmission (if any)
Online Free Full Text Access

We, at JCT, are not bound to satisfy each and everyone. But we are dedicated towards the scholarly writing and quality of the JCT. We want to publish such material which brings discussion positively but not unrest in society. It is Listed and Indexed by the following repositors:

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Quality Publishing

The pivot of our scholarly mission is to publish JCT with highest quality with the greatest impact, presenting innovative research that foresees the future. JCT is highly valued by its community and trusted to deliver the best content worldwide.
The acceptance and rejection of the manuscript is informed by email. In assuring Quality Publishing, JCT provides online Tutorial for writing good scholarly papers. It stresses upon unification of the manuscript being submitted to the JCT through dictating Submission Guidelines and unique JCT Template.
Re-submission of any previously rejected manuscript after improvements and modifications is happily accepted.
JCT is both a Print and online Journal. It is full text free open access Journal. One can see, explore and print back issues simply by login on Home Page.

All the Volumes and the issues are archived with RePEc.

Dissemination and Delivery Policy

Working closely with societies, authors and subscribers to publish quality contents is just the start of our mission. We are committed to ensuring that JCT is disseminated worldwide, so that researchers are able to access our content wherever and whenever they need it.
JCT has understanding with the international library community to make the published contents a realistic option to suit the variety of academic pursuits for one and all. All the print copies are delivered through certified private courier or India Government Postal Department via speed post. If the aspiring person does not receive the print copy in stipulated time, he/she can write for missing issue. Issues are delivered without delay free of cost and postal charges.

Statement of Publication Ethics
Journal of Commerce and Trade (JCT) is peer-reviewed journal with broad scope. All the Submitted Manuscripts are scanned via Anti-Plagiarism Software and Google Search. Following statement entails the ethical conduct of all parties of publication i.e. Chief Editor/Editors, Author/s, and Reviewer/s. This statement is in accordance with the rules laid down by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).
Duties of Author/s:
1. Authors are bound to work ethically.  Any unethical approach or behavior is not acceptable. Article should contain all necessary information which might help reader to understand the phenomenon deeply and it should also help them in replication of the topic. Authors are liable for any case of Plagiarism or unfair means claimed against them or against journal.
2. If the authors have used the work and/or words of others, this must be appropriately cited or quoted. Such quotations and citations must be listed in the Reference at the end of the article.
3. Authors may be asked to provide the raw data in connection with an article submitted for editorial review, and should be prepared to provide public access to such, if practicable, and should in any event be prepared to retain such data for a reasonable time after publication.
4. Author/s cannot get one work published in more than one journal. Submitting the same manuscript to more than one journal concurrently constitutes unethical publishing behaviour and is unacceptable.
5. Authors should provide names of all those who supported in work in acknowledgement. It should be written in form of a statement at the end of article. Similarly any financial support should also be given due position in acknowledgement.
6. Authorship should be limited to only those who have made a significant contribution in the process of research i.e. from idea generation to execution and results extraction.
7. Corresponding author is the person who is responsible for communication with the journal and other researchers. He should ensure that names of all the authors are properly written and article has been approved by co-author/s. Author/s should disclose any conflict of interest or opinion between authors.
8. If author found a mistake or any other thing that might affect the quality of publication, it is his/her responsibility to notify the editor/s.
Duties of Chief Editor/Editor/s:
1. All Editors must evaluate the manuscripts purely on the basis of Merit and without any discrimination and favour.
2. All Editors are responsible for selection decision for submitted manuscripts.
3. All Editors must keep each and every information confidential regarding submitted manuscripts.
4. All Editors are morally bound not to use any material from unpublished manuscripts.
5. All Editors must report to Chief Editor, in case of any malpractice used in articles.
6. Chief Editor/Editor/s of JCT is vested with core responsibility of finalization of articles that would be published. Chief Editor is responsible to follow the policies laid down by editorial board about issues like copyright infringement, plagiarism etc. or any issue that might arise in the due course. Chief Editor may also consult with other editors and reviewers.
Duties of Reviewer/s:
1. All Reviewers must evaluate the manuscripts purely on the basis of Merit and without any discrimination and favour.
2. All Reviewers must assist to the Editors in review process and assist the authors for further improvement.
3. All Reviewers must keep each and every information confidential regarding submitted manuscripts.
4. All Reviewers must notify the editors if the manuscript does not related to his expertise.
5. All Reviewers may contact any time to Chief Editor in case of any discrepancy or mal-practice found in article. If reviewer feels that he has conflict of interest with any written script, he/she should decline to review it.
6. All Editors are morally bound not to use any material from unpublished manuscripts.
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