Vol.13 No.1 : April 2018

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A Critical Study of Tax Assessment in Nagarpalika of Amravati District
Dr. Manoj M. Pimple

Dr. Dinesh Prabhakarrao Bele

Title A Critical Study of Tax Assessment in Nagarpalika of Amravati District
Author's Details
Author/s Dr. Dinesh Prabhakarrao Bele
Shri Shivaji Art & Commerce College, Amravati.
Email: dinesh10.bele@gmail.com
Phone: +91 99603906
Author/s Dr. Manoj M. Pimple
Assistant Professor, Mahatma Jyotiba Fule, Mahavidyaly, Bhatkuli, Amravati.
Email: dinesh10.bele@gmail.com
Phone: 9970863444


Abstract The income from Tax is considered asaimportant revenue. However, this income sources is important as per our Indian constitution in representative democracy, But the use of taxes income for development is not satisfactory. The action which Government takes on the basis of collected tax is not social beneficial. The process of spending money on various project is doubtful and also corrupted. So this tax assessment is made compulsory by low constitution as per 40 direction constituted in 1949. This study will be focus on the process of Tax collection and assessment in various Nagarpalikas of Amravati District. It is an honest attempt to find out the various method of tax assessment as well as implementation of collected money for social development.
Keywords Education Tax, Fire extinguisher tax, Other special Taxes, Property Tax,Tree Tax, Sanitation Tax.
JEL Classification H21, H22, H27, H31, H71
Paper Code A18-DPB-MMP-9
DOI https://doi.org/10.26703/JCT.v13i1-9
Web Address www.jctindia.org/april2018/v13i1-9
Other Links http://EconPapers.repec.org/RePEc:jct:journl:v:13:y:2018:i:1:p:64-68
How to Cite Bele, Dinesh Prabhakarrao and Pimple, Manoj M. A Critical Study of Tax Assessment in Nagarpalika of Amravati District. Journal of Commerce and Trade, April 2018; 13 : 1; Pp. 64-68. https://doi.org/10.
Page No. 64-68
Manuscript Received 13-1-2018
Manuscript Revised 15-2-2018
Accepted 10-3-2018
Published 30-4-2018
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