Vol. 4 No. 2 : October 2009

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E-Commerce and Consumer Apprehensions
Ajay Mahey

Title E-Commerce and Consumer Apprehensions
Author's Details
Author/s Ajay Mahey
Lecturer, School of Correspondence, University of Delhi, Delhi.
Email: ajaymahey89@gmail.com
Phone: 9868879160


Abstract E-commerce has quickly evolved since the 1990’s and now has a powerful presence in the Indian Economy. With thriving Indian websites and more than 49.4 million internet users in India, the e-commerce industry is growing with each passing day. However, consumers have numerous apprehensions with e-business—from payment issues, trustworthiness of sites, registration hassles to privacy issues. The paper is divided into four sections. The initial sections comprise the introduction and historical backdrop of e-commerce. These are followed by the section on growth of e-commerce in India which discusses the Indian usage data, Indian websites and e-tailing growth in India. The last section is on consumer apprehensions which discusses the points of views of buyers and sellers, demands of online consumers and understanding commerce schemes.
Keywords stress; employee attraction; pressure; turnover; retention strategies
JEL Classification A0, T18, C0
Paper Code JCT-O09-AM
Web Address www.jctindia.org/october2009/v4i2-2
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Page No. 14-19
Manuscript Received 5-6-2009
Manuscript Revised 20-8-2009
Accepted 29-9-2009
Published 01-11-2009
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