Vol.13 No.2 : October 2018

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Cost Effects on Multi-Storey Buildings in India
Dr. P. K. Garg

Richa Agarwal

Title Cost Effects on Multi-Storey Buildings in India
Author's Details
Author/s Richa Agarwal
Research Scholar, Department of Commerce, C.C.S. University, Meerut
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Author/s Dr. P. K. Garg
Head of the Department of Commerce, M. M. Modi College, Modinagar
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Abstract The development of multi-storey building construction projects is a complex task which needs not only adequate planning but also requires heavy financial resources. In the big cities, multi-storey building projects are developed as a township where builders have to provide all the necessary amenities to the customers from school to markets, parks, hospitals, community hall, temples, swimming pools, playgrounds etc. Due to these reasons the cost of these projects remains very high. As per the question of cost effects on multi-storey buildings, several factors affect the cost of construction from selection of geographic location to intervention of outside-agencies like government, competitors, suppliers of material and so many others. These factors affect the cost of multistorey building construction in both sides to a large extent.
Keywords Cost Effects on Multi-Storey Buildings, Financial Resources, Construction.
JEL Classification D 24, D 61, L 74
Paper Code JCT-O18-PKG-RA-11
DOI https://doi.org/10.26703/JCT.v13i2-11
Other Link 1 www.jctindia.org/october2018/v13i2-11
Other Link 2 http://EconPapers.repec.org/RePEc:jct:journl:v:13:y:2018:i:2:p:72-76
How to Cite Garg, P.K. and Agarwal, Richa. Cost Effects on Multi-Storey Buildings in India. Journal of Commerce and Trade, October 2018; 13 : 2; Pp. 72–76. https://doi.org/10.26703/JCT.v13i2-11.
Page No. 72-76
Manuscript Received 12-7-2018
Manuscript Revised 15-9-2018
Accepted 25-11-2018
Published 10-12-2018
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