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Manuscript Submission Guidelines

General Information

Authors are highly requested to submit manuscripts online on JCT Website to a user-friendly online submission and review management system at www.jctindia.org. During submission of a manuscript, author must confirm about the corresponding author and other co-authors (if any) properly in details required on the website. Journal of Commerce and Trade (JCT) may record the details of authors associated with the manuscript for correspondence presently or for future. The details of authors will be used only for Journal related Communications. The authors should immediately update his/her login in case the address changes. Any communication from JCT will be made on land address, email address or phone number submitted by the corresponding author through Registration Process. Manuscripts are accepted only through Online Registration Window on JCT website. Manuscripts should be based on the work that is

1. Scientifically sound,
2. Original, Bonafide, Significant and Contemporary in nature,
3. Consistent with the Publication Ethics and ‘vision and mission’ of the JCT.

Information to Authors

As of January, 2017 a Submission and Handling Fee will be charged for all manuscript submitted to the journal in accordance with the point no. 12 on not-for-profit basis. There are multiple hidden expenses attached with the offline and online quality publication of the papers, this fee is simply a part of that. The expenses so incurred are distributed among all authors on cooperative principle. The submission and handling fee will be payable only through online system available on website. The fee is refundable in case the manuscript is not sent for publication. The Chief Editor reserves the right to return a manuscript without sending it for review, if it is inconsistent with the Publication Ethics and ‘vision and mission’ of the journal as outlined on the website, fails to meet the style requirement mentioned below. There is no submission fee for invited revisions of manuscripts. 
The Authors (especially Corresponding Author) must follow the following points.

  1. Research Papers, Case Studies, Discussions, Interviews, Book Reviews, and Biographies of bona-fide and genuine nature are openly invited through Registration on Journal Website only.
  2. Submitted manuscripts must not have been published previously nor be under consideration for publication elsewhere. 
  3. Manuscript should also accompany a brief Resume and the latest Photograph of the author on separate sheet at the end of manuscript.
  4. Listing of all the authors with their organizational affiliation and email ID including corresponding author is mandatory.
  5. Typescript: Manuscript must be written in grammatically correct US English Language, the preferred spelling being that of the Concise Oxford Dictionary or www.dictionary.com. Manuscript must be typed double spaced with ample margin on all sides on A4 Size. Electronic files in LaTeX are Preferred (Please visit www.latex-project.org for free software). However, MS-Word files are also acceptable. All the Manuscript must be in strict accordance to the JCT TEMPLATE and HOW TO USE JCT TEMPLATE. Papers with consistency errors in the format and trivial errors in the language will be rejected. We prefer formatting of papers in MLA Style, which can be advance search at www.style.mla.org.
    a) Abstract, Key Words, Notes and JEL Classification: All the manuscripts should include an abstract of about 250 words. Abstract should summarize the work strictly in the language that even a non-specialist reader may understand, with significance and relevance of the work. Keywords or Notes are also required up to a number of 5. The journal has implemented browse-by-subject using JEL classification. If the author has any question about JEL Classification, please visit https://www.aeaweb.org/econlit/jelCodes.php.  
    b) Tables and Figures: Tables should approximate the appearance of printed tables. Tables/figures should be typed each at the end of the text. Tables should contain a source and units of measurement. Their location in the text should be indicated as follows:
    Table 1 about here. Figures should be either typed or high pixel files.
  6. Equations: Equation numbers should be extreme right at the end of displayed equations need not be numbered, only those you will refer in text.
    d) Numbers and Statistics: Please use ‘per cent’ in spite of ‘%’ mark. Use words for numerals 1 to 10.
    e) References: Place the references at the end of the manuscript. The list should mention only those sources actually cited in the text or notes. Authors name should be same as in the original source. For more than one publication by the same author, list them in chronological order, with the older item first. For more than one publication in one year by the same author, use small lower case letters to distinguish them (e.g. 1980a, 1980b). Following are some examples: Books- Srivastava, S.K. (1990) Managerial Economics, New Delhi, S. Chand & Co. Ph.D. Thesis- Agarwal, R. K. (2000) “Problems of Small Scale Industries in India”, Ph. D. Thesis, Meerut University, Meerut. Journal- Narayanan, Rajaram (Oct 2001) “Dilemma of Management Leadership”, Journal of Commerce and Trade, pp. 25-26.
  7. The Copyright and Originality dialogue has to be accepted during online submission of the research paper via ‘Submission of Paper’. It also can be read in further pages.
  8. Any manuscript submitted to the journal will be Double-Blind Reviewed before publication
  9. Plagiarism: JCT follows a foolproof policy of plagiarism check through authentic software. In this reference JCT accepts the policy of UGC on Plagiarism. (https://www.ugc.ac.in/pdfnews/8864815_UGC-Public-Notice-on-Draft-UGC-Regulations,-2017.pdf)
  10. One complimentary copy per paper will be delivered to the Authors through Post/Courier at the addresses submitted at the time of Registration or Submission of paper. Lacking in details of address may cause interruption in dispatch.
  11. Certificate of Publication: JCT facilitates its authors and contributors by issuing Certificate of Publication with QR Codes
  12. Bank Details: Use these details to deposit in cash or preparing a DD.

Name of Bank

Central Bank of India


Gandhi Ashram, Garh Road, Meerut

Account Holder's

Society for Advanced Management Studies




CBIN 028 1194


12. Subscription Details:

Subscription Rates

One Year

Full Year






1000 INR

100 US$

5000 INR

350 US$


1000 INR

100 US$

4000 INR



13. Publication and Handling Charges (Offline Print Copy):




One Author

3000 INR


More Than 1 Author

3500 INR

325 US$


Online Printing or life time reflection at JCT website www.jctindia.org, DOI assignment, archiving at RePEc, Idea, Econbiz and Metadata transfer to other indexing website is free of cost with the offline print of manuscript. Simple Online Printing without Offline Printing is not available.

Copy Right and Originality Statement
The Copyright and Originality Statement has to be accepted during online submission of the research paper via 'Submission of Paper'

I hereby declare and agree, on behalf of myself and my co-authors (if any) that:

  1. I / We hereby transfer any and all rights in and to the paper including without limitation all copyrights to the Journal of Commerce and Trade. Further, with the permission granted, the undersigned hereby also grants Journal of Commerce and trade the unlimited, worldwide, irrevocable right to use his/her name, picture, likeness, voice and biographical information as part of the advertisement, distribution and sale of products incorporating the Work or Papers, and releases Journal of Commerce and Trade from any claim based on right of privacy or publicity.
  2. I/We declare that the paper describes original work carried out by me/us. Paper gives proper acknowledgment to all contributors other than the authors named above. To the best of my/our knowledge, the work described in the paper is original and no part of it has been copied or taken from other sources without necessary permissions.
  3. Present Manuscript/ paper has not been published anywhere in any form of publication (in any language) and not presently under consideration for publication anywhere in form of publication. Furthermore, I/We assure that I/We will produce the data upon which the manuscript is based for examination by the Editor or their assignees, if requested.
  4. I / We (the named authors of the above paper), confirm that the above statements are correct , that the paper contains nothing defamatory and I/We agree that the Editor for which this is sent shall be entitled to be fully indemnified by me/us against all claims concerned with: a) That the paper is defamatory, or b) That the paper infringes the copyright of any third party, or c) Arising from any negligent or willful mis-statements in this Statement of Originality. d) It is free from any Plagiarism.
  5. In the event the above paper/work is not accepted and published by the Journal of Commerce and Trade or is withdrawn by the author/s before acceptance by the Journal of Commerce and Trade, the foregoing copyright transfer shall become NULL and VOID and all materials embodying the paper/work submitted to the Journal of Commerce and Trade will be destroyed.
  6. For Jointly authored papers/ works, all joint authors should sign/accept online, or one of the authors should sign/accept online as an authorized agent for the others.
  7. I/We have studied the all Para 1 to 7 and gone through Statement of Publication Ethics, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy available at website carefully and understood clearly.
  8. The jurisdiction for any disputes or legal proceedings is Meerut, UP, India.