Open Access Policy

We, at JCT, highly commend and favour Open Access and Green Open Access. Open Access serves the interests of Many Groups without violating the Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights.
Authors: It gives worldwide audience with more visibility and more impact of their work with no cost extra. Authors may gather citation for their works form world over. They also present their work without a copy with them through the QR Codes or an Interface.
Readers: It gives barrier-free access to required researches without going to libraries simply on a click on their phone or computer anywhere. Libraries: Open Access solves the problems in curating the multiple volumes and issues. It can give exact material to the needs of researcher in short. But, it is to note here that Open Access is free for viewers or explorers but not for the publisher or Journal. JCT believes in free flow of knowledge and works on the principles of not-for-profit publication ideologies. Thus, JCT took a middle path so that Publsihers rights can be protected without violating Open Access availability. Making reading view access free but download chargeable at a very low cost, which bears the simple maintienence and disimination cost over internet.