Vol. 17 No. 2: October 2022

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I am feeling proud observing the pace of India's digitalization under PM Narendra Modi's vision. India's tech-future is bright. India is on lightening speed to be a technology superhub in near 'techade'.
In 2015, PM Narendra Modi launched the initiative 'Digital India'. That time, three-fold vision for IT in 2015 was set out: Transformation life of citizens through digital governance; expand digital economy; and make India a producer of technology instead of consumer.
Satellite broadband and communication service market in India is expected to grow & expand with the developing use case horizon and exponential growth in data consumption. Over 20 year old law governing Internet will be replaced soon as the Data Protection BIll is ready and it will be before Parliament  in due time. India's dream to be a producer of technology can come true through developments and investment commitments to facilitate commercial opportunities and development of semiconductor innovation ecosystems. India's semiconductor market is predicted to play an important role in enhancing the global value chain and generating employment on a large scale. Smartphones, wearables, automative components, computing and data storage are areas where high demand of semiconductors is rising.
Modi's vision has transformed the growth and development patterns of the Indian economy.
I am dead assured that the coming century is India's time and progress. 
The 34th issue of Journal of Commerce and Trade i.e., Ocotber 2022 is in your hands. I am thankful to Editors, Reviewers, Authors, Indexing agencies and other associated parties and bodies for the successful publication of this issue.

Published: 01-11-2022